Detention Ministry


Mission Statement

The Detention Ministry’s mission is threefold. Our primary role is to provide a Catholic presence to the incarcerated at the Cochise County Jail Facility in Bisbee, AZ. Second, to provide communion services to incarcerated men, women and juveniles who eagerly participate in our ministry. And, finally, to carry the comfort and hope of the Gospel Message of forgiveness and redemption.

Our History

The Detention Ministry in Cochise County was started in 1996 by Stuart Bushong from St. Andrew Parish in Sierra Vista. John Fauland, Gilbert Pizano, Pat Dugie, and Ralph Parra from St. Patrick Parish committed to going to the jail every weekend for services. They were quickly overwhelmed by the demand and began recruiting other Catholic churches in the county to fill the need. Today the ministry remains strong, as we carry the message to those who need it most.



   "In our service in the Detention Ministry, like any ministry, we are all looking for something that will help us to fill a void in our lives, help us to reach a better understanding of others and ourselves.  We attempt to seek out solutions to our problems, learning ways of being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. We recognize that God’s glory manifests itself in Jesus giving us the courage and the strength to overcome our shortcomings, our mistakes, our fears, and our wrongful ways.  It is an honor and a privilege being a Eucharistic minister and a lector for the Jail Ministry.   It has allowed me to be an instrument and servant of our Lord, ministering and sharing God’s love for us.   He shows us through his death, life, and resurrection the glorious ways in which he loves us and forgives us and that He has given us eternal life.  What a beautiful ministry, opening up the hearts and minds of our fellow brothers and sisters to receive hope through his Holy Spirit."   - Ralph Parra
   "This ministry is an opportunity to bear witness to undefended hearts seeking reconciliation to God their families and to recover their lives.  It’s as if we watch GOD do GOD’s work.  These inmates are so grateful when we arrive and believe me they know when we do not come.  “What happened last week?”  We have a strong need for men to be more involved.  It is a privilege to visit these people and we look forward to visiting every four weeks.   - Lizabeth Lillard


For more information about the Detention Ministry, 
please contact Sue Quayle at 432-4324 or by email






For I was in prison and you visited me.

--Matthew 25: 36



We, the Church, 
are People of Faith
who follow the path
of the Prodigal Son
as we seek the Father’s love.


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