Making funeral arrangements

Funeral arrangements at St. Patrick Parish will be discussed and planned during a meeting between family members and the pastoral administrator. Please do not set a date for the funeral without first calling the parish office manager.

How are funerals or memorial services handled?

Christian burial is typically preceded by a worship service held in the church. Clergy are available for pastoral support and funeral planning arrangements.

How are memorial donations to the church handled?

Those who wish to memorialize a loved one may make contributions to the Memorial and Tribute Giving Program of St. Patrick Church or the St. Michael Mission Repair Fund.  For more information, please call the parish office 

Is anyone refused burial?

No one is to be refused burial. This is not only in reference to Catholics, but includes other Christians, nonbelievers, people of other religions and so forth. Obviously, a Mass would not be appropriate or desirable in all circumstances. Nevertheless, no human being should be refused burial from the Church.


Can a funeral liturgy take place at any time?

Two forms of the funeral liturgy are provided in the Order of Christian Funerals: the Funeral Mass and the funeral liturgy outside Mass. There are days when the Funeral Mass may not be celebrated: 

  • Solemnities that are holy days of obligation 
  • Holy Thursday 
  • The Easter triduum
  • the Funeral Mass may not be celebrated on any Sunday. 

What are the guidelines/principals concerning cremation?

The long-standing practice of burying the body of the deceased in a grave or tomb continues to be encouraged as a sign of Christian faith. However, the church does not forbid cremation as a means of disposition of the body, unless it has been chosen for reasons which are contrary to church teaching.



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