Window Restoration Project

What's involved in the restoration project?


The stained glass windows in St. Patrick Church were installed when the church was built, in 1915 - 1917.  After 100+ years, it is definitely time for some tender loving care.  The restoration work will be done by craftsmen from Emil Frei and Associatesthe same studio in St. Louis, the same firm who designed and made our windows 100 years ago.

The estimated cost for the window restoration itself is $350,000, based on estimates from Frei and Associates.  This restoration work includes interior and exterior cleaning, repair or replacement of damaged glass, correction of any structural issues, and installation of the new clear tempered glass protective covering. It does not include all of the related work to repair / replace / repaint the wood frames holding the windows in place.  In all cases, the scope of work will not be known specifically until the existing Lexan has been removed and the project is underway.

About 25 years ago, clear Lexan was installed over the stained glass, to protect the windows from vandalism damage and weather.  Although Lexan was the material of choice at that time, it was later found that the material would not remain clear.  It would become increasingly cloudy until it was almost opaque.  It also expanded and contracted significantly, letting in moisture and dust which would settle on the glass.  Removal of the Lexan covering will be the part of the restoration project most easily seen.

In October 2018, Stephen Frei spent 3 weeks at St. Patrick Church, and completed the restoration work on four of the smaller windows in the nave of the church, two on the east side and two on the west side.   This allowed him to become familiar with our church building, our windows, our weather, and our community, all of which will be important during the main restoration.

This preliminary phase also lets our parishioners and the community understand  what the restor- ation work is all about, and we can see the results first hand.

Scaffolding will be required for nearly the whole project, inside and out.


The Lexan has been removed from the upper section of the window.  We didn't realize how much we couldn't see!

Much accumulated dust & dirt has found its way into the cracks around the Lexan.

More dust & dirt.  Definitely time for heavy duty cleaning!

After the cleaning and restoration of the lower window is com- plete, we can see a distinct difference.   The new tempered glass protective covering is in place, but it can hardly be seen.  The wood trim is now painted a light color instead of dark brown and it will accent the wood trim to a greater extent than before.    The new metal frame is not a good match to the terra cotta walls.  A custom order has been placed for metal that will match closely, and this will be corrected during the main renovation work.

This picture was taken at night, standing on the outside of one of the restored windows.  We now see the window images clearly when the interior lights of the church are turned on. When the restoration of all the windows is complete, we will have a glorious exterior view of the church at night.  Very few, if any,  persons still alive would remember that view when the church was first built and the windows were new.



Estimated costs of window restoration work by Frei & Associates
$   350,000

Allowance for additional project costs based on preliminary inspections
(Specifics of  this work will be determined as the work progresses, after the existing Lexan is removed from the windows and up-close inspection is possible).
Work will include (but is not limited to) correction of bulges in windows, needed structural repairs,  replacement of rotted  wood  window frames,   priming and painting all wood. Any money remaining after all restoration work is completed will be kept in a permanent savings account restricted for necessary repair/maintenance of the windows in future years.

$   150,000
Total estimated project cost $   500,000


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