Window Restoration Project

St. Patrick Church - Bisbee


What is the Window Restoration Project? 

The stained glass windows of St. Patrick Church were installed in the church at the time the church was built --- 1915-1917, over 100 years ago.   Some 25 years go, when damage from BB holes was noticed, the windows were covered with Lexan to protect them from further vandalism damage and gradual damage from the elements.  At the time the Lexan was installed, it was the recommended clear covering for the window surfaces, and it was used in similar applications all over the country.  As the Lexan aged, however, it became apparent that it would not remain clear, and would become increasingly opaque until it looked almost like plywood. It was also found to expand and contract significantly, making a long-term weather tight seal impossible.

The need for replacing the Lexan covering is very apparent.  But at the ripe old age of 100+ years, the windows are also in need of general restoration and a good cleaning, to bring them back to their original beauty.

We have been entrusted with the care and preservation of our wonderful church and its stained glass windows.  St. Patrick Church stands as a testament to the hard labor and financial sacrifice of those who built it, wanting to place in Bisbee a church they felt would be worthy of the Glory of God.   Today the church also reflects the dedication and continuing financial sacrifice of those who, for the last 100 years, have worked to keep the church a well preserved and beautiful space, for those who worship and those who visit.  Our commitment to the Window Restoration Project is a large part of the legacy we will leave to future generations.


"I'll be happy to help with the Window Restoration Project in any way I can.
St. Patrick Church may not be my parish any more,
but it will always be the parish of my heart"

                                                                     ~~Sharon Mihelich Richards,  former parishioner


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Rev. Joseph E. Saba
Deacon Tony Underwood
Pastoral Administrator
Mary Gomez
Ruth Dugie
Elizabeth Lueck
Grant Writer
Sylvia Echave Stock
Stella Burke
Benjamin Saenz , OFS

Office Manager





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