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How to Prepare to Proclaim the Word of God

An ideal reader will do three things very well:

  • take his or her part confidently in the total celebration;
  • make difficult passages easier for the assembly to grasp;
  • approach the listeners with a subtle sense of “Say, I’ve got something to share with you. . .”

Preparation for proclaiming the Word of God must include:

  • Reading over the readings several times. Praying  about them. Asking God to speak to you through them.
  • Learning about the reading.  Making use of available resources.    One available resource is   
  • Reading the passages aloud, going over any sections which cause you difficulty several times if necessary.

When you are scheduled to read:

  • Arrive at the church in plenty of time.   Check to be sure the Lectionary is marked for the proper weekend.
  • Take a few moments to read over the introductory remarks and the parish announcements so you don't stumble.
  • Pay attention to the names listed for the Mass intentions.  If you aren't sure about the pronunciation, ask!





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