Parish Frequently Asked Questions


These are general questions that are most often asked of our parish staff.   You will find more FAQ's about specific sacraments or ministries throughout the website.

What are the parish office hours?

The parish office is open Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

How do I contact the Priest ?

Contact the parish office (520) 432-5753. If your need is an emergency please call (928) 228-0258.

How do I contact the parish administrator?

Contact the parish office. If your need is an emergency please call (928) 228-0258.

How can I volunteer in the parish?

See our Ministry and Service page
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How do I get a copy of a baptismal or confirmation record?

Contact the parish office. Provide as much information as possible about the sacrament date. Allow 1 week processing time. There is a $10 charge for the copy. If records are not available locally, you will be asked to contact the Diocesan Archives Office.

How do I get a sponsor certificate for Baptism or Confirmation?

To obtain a Godparent certificate from the office, you must first be a registered parishioner in good standing of at least 3 months. You must also attend 1 (one) Baptism preparation class held on the first Tuesday of each month in St. Patrick Church (6:00pm). To obtain a letter of permission to be a sponsor for someone's Baptism and Confirmation, please call the parish office.

How can I rent the St. Patrick or St. Michael Parish Hall?

Contact the parish office to check availability of dates and get information on applicable fees and insurance requirements.

How do I request that an item be put on the parish calendar?

Call or stop by the parish office, e-mail or complete the request form (below). The web calendar may not contain every item on the official parish calendar. No item goes on the web calendar that has not been cleared through the parish office.
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How can I advertise in the church bulletin or on the website?

Contact the parish office to arrange for placement of an ad in the bulletin at the beginning of the next period, or to place an ad on the website advertiser page at any time.

How do I get assistance for food, rent, utilities, etc.?

Contact our St. Vincent de Paul Conference to see what assistance may be available for you.
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How can I become Catholic?

Can my child be baptized at St. Patrick Parish?

How do I arrange a funeral at St. Patrick Parish?

How do I arrange a wedding at St. Patrick Parish?

How do I arrange a quinceaƱera at St. Patrick Parish?







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